Now You Can Bridge The Gap Between Yourself and The Difficult Person!

Dealing with difficult customers, colleagues, uncooperative staff, a manipulative boss – or an irritating neighbour – is a challenge many people face on a day-to-day basis. People in business are now under extreme pressure to make things happen, get more sales and turn a profit. This constant pressure or fear can make people difficult to deal with. This book shows you how to identify and understand awkward and challenging behaviours and how to manage them. It shows you how to:

  • Defuse and deal with difficult customers, both on the phone and face to face
  • Manage problems with colleagues in the workplace
  • Handle difficult day-to-day interactions with any of the people we come into contact with at work
  • Identify and manage behaviours which can turn a person into a ‘problem’
  • Improve necessary listening and communication skills
  • Use the 6 Programs of Behaviour
  • Increase self-confidence and develop rapport building skills
  • Use proven Strategies for Success to produce effective outcomes

"As soon as I heard that Alan had penned another book I couldn't wait for it to be released. This book really helps as a tool to deal with a variety of personality types, and improve my working relationships. A must have for any business owner or manager!" .

Neil McRobb CEO, McRobb Display


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Alan Fairweather worked in sales and customer service and did the job of a manager for fifteen successful years. He is very much aware that, in our job and our personal life, we often face apparently rude, impatient and aggressive people. He now spends his time running seminars and workshops, developing skills on how to handle problem people and situations and come out of it with increased confidence and improved results.

Also order Alan's companion book How to be a Motivational Manager, Another valuable tool for running a successful team and a profitable business.

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