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Soft Skills Secure Sales

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What exactly are ‘soft skills’? Do they include the skill to answer the phone in a warm and friendly manner? Or perhaps deal with a difficult customer and help them to get what they want. Maybe even sell the customer a product or service.

Perhaps for managers they include the ability to listen to their employees, and to empathise with their situation. And to give feedback that reinforces good behaviour, or changes not so good behaviour

Well, in my book, there is nothing soft about these skills. These are the skills that will decide if a customer buys from you or one of your competitors.

These are the skills that will ensure the customer comes back to your business and perhaps recommends your product or service to other people.

They may even ensure that your customer pays your higher price and pays you on time.

Hard skills can get the job done. Soft skills make the difference between a job that gets done, and a job that gets done exceedingly well.

So called soft skills are all about motivated and engaged employees, more customers, more sales, and more profits.

Soft skills get the sales. Maybe not so soft – eh!

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Extract from – How to Make Sales When You Don’t Like Selling

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