Tips and Techniques to Manage Difficult People

10 Tips to Talk With Anyone and Make an Impact

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1. Respect. I often hear people say ‘That person has to earn my respect.’ I suggest you give respect to everyone right from the start. That puts you in a positive frame of mind. If after getting to know that person you feel differently, perhaps you should try to see the world the way they see it.

2. Smile. When meeting someone for the first time, hold back the smile for a few seconds. Then when you smile it makes you appear more genuine.

3. Observe. Watch the person you are speaking to. How are they reacting to you? What does their body language tell you? Match that body language and the tone and volume of their voice.

4. Keep good eye contact. Don’t stare into their eyes and make them uncomfortable. Look away slowly now and again.

5. Focus. Keep the spotlight shining on the other person. Use the word ‘You’ more often than you use the word ‘I’ or ‘We.’

6. Knowledge. Be aware of what is going on the world. Take an interest in everything. Even if you know a little about a subject, it oils the wheels of conversation. I rarely buy a newspaper, but subscribe to a weekly magazine called The Week; that summarises all the articles of interest from newspapers and media throughout the world.

7. Bite your tongue. It has been said that people are either speaking or waiting to speak. When someone starts to talk about something or a place that you know about, resist the temptation to jump in!

8. Listen to the words. People are either auditory, visually or kinaesthetically driven. They will use words like – ‘I like the sound of that’ or ‘I like the look of that’ or ‘I like the feel of that. Echo that language back to them and it will build rapport.

9. Casually compliment. Slip in a genuine compliment now and again and move on quickly.

10. Say thank you. Remember your manners and always thank people for a compliment or for something they will do for you. Not – ‘Thanks’ but – ‘Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it.’

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Extract from: How to Make Sales when You Don’t Like Sellling

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