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Feel the Fear

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It sometimes surprises people when I tell them I get slightly nervous before a speaking or training event. They seem to great danethink that because I’ve been doing it for years, nervousness would no longer be an issue.

However “nerves” is a normal human emotion and as I often say, ‘I’d be nervous if I wasn’t nervous.’

However, it’s how you handle the nerves that will determine your success as a speaker.

Similarly, many sales people feel nervous or uncomfortable making cold calls, phoning for an appointment, or following up an inquiry. Again, this is a normal response and most sales people feel this way.

One of the biggest fears for humans is the fear of rejection and we’ll do almost anything to avoid it. It stops people making speeches, contacting customers, asking for the order, or even asking someone out on a date.

Successful people feel the fear of rejection but they don’t allow it to paralyze them. They take action even although they feel uncomfortable. And of course, the more you do it the less uncomfortable you feel.

Fear is good, but only as long as you are aware of it and keep it under control; that’s what courage is all about.

In the many challenges you face in life you won’t win them all but you must have the courage to try.

I read somewhere that, winners make mistakes but losers never do.

That’s because winners have the courage to try and they know they’ll make mistakes; however that’s how they learn and move forward.

So, feel the fear and just do it!

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