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Why Aren’t Your Employees Motivated and Engaged?

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By Alan Fairweather with thanks to Laura Entismy boss and me

Only 29% of employees are fully engaged in their work!

This startling statistic comes from a recent study by Dale Carnegie and MSW Research. They polled a representative sample of 1500 employees across a wide range of industries. And as someone who has spent the last twenty years working with organisations across a range of industries, that doesn’t surprise me.

Totally disengaged employees came in at 26% in this study, and the majority of employees came somewhere in-between. These are the people who are putting in the minimum amount of effort to achieve results. In other words; nearly 50% of employees are just not into their jobs.

And the result of that is, low productivity, poor customer service, lost customers, poor sales, lots of days lost due to “sickness”, high staff turnover and reduced profits.

Organisations are losing billions due to high staff turnover alone. In the US, the Bureau of National Affairs estimates that this costs businesses $11 billion annually.

Okay, so that’s the bad news; now for some good stuff.

Employee engagement is mostly affected by the employee’s relationship with their manager or supervisor.

And even more good news; this can be recharged and made even better.

Motivational Managers create the environment where employees self-motivate. This in turn generates a high level of engagement.

You need managers who communicate well, (and that means listening more than speaking). Managers who talk with every employee individually, on a regular basis, about what they do well, and what they could do better.

Managers who trust their employees, keep them ‘in on things’, encourage growth and appreciate them.

Simple facts

Not doing this will cost your business lots of money.

Doing it costs you nothing and earns you money.

Check out the book, How to be a Motivational Manager51zNGdLr4YL._SL300_3

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