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Not All customer Service People are in the Office

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By Alan Fairweather

Who are your most important customer service people?ebbetslunch

Let me explain; a few years ago I was running customer service training workshops for a large telecommunications company in the UK. It had become apparent to certain managers that the people most in contact with their customers were the engineers and technicians. These were the guys who visited the customers in their home or place of business, to install telephones or carry out repairs.

The engineers had the potential to make or break the relationship with the customer depending on how they interacted with them. This was most important with business clients.

Another company I did similar training for, were in the beer business. Every week, their delivery drivers, turned up at a pub, bar or hotel to deliver the beer and other drinks.

Again, the relationship between the delivery people and the customer could have a huge influence on the business. A surly or unhelpful delivery guy could influence the customer to change suppliers. Bar owners are always under pressure from other companies to switch suppliers. On the positive side, good delivery people help cement the relationship between the brewery and the customer.

Everybody in your business is a ‘customer service person’; whether they work in sales, technical services, accounts or delivery services. I’m not saying that you should run customer service training for all of them. (Although that would be a good idea for your business and for people like me).

I’m only suggesting that you be aware that everyone in the business has the ability to make or break it, and remember the saying of Karl Albrecht:

The way you treat your staff is the way they’ll treat your customers.


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