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Nice People Don’t Increase Sales

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Who are the most important people to your business? You might say your employees or you might say customers. I Business Greetingbelieve that your employees are, because without them, you won’t have any customers.

So why do so many organizations employ people in customer service jobs who shouldn’t be dealing with customers?

I was running some customer service training events recently for people in a range of businesses. Like all of my events, I encourage interaction with the participants. I encourage them to ask questions, make statements and even disagree with me.

I never pick on individuals but rather address my questions to the whole group.

However, I was surprised at the number of people at these seminars who had such poor communication skills. So many of them were shy, introverted, and couldn’t look me in the eye. Even on a break they were unable to even chat with me.

I really have to ask, ‘Who employed these people in a customer service job? A job that requires people who can communicate with the customer. People who are warm and friendly. Who make the customer feel at ease and want to return to the business, buy more of the product or service and say positive things to other people.

Were these participants nice people? Of course they were. Do I want them to lose their job? Of course I don’t. But if you want more customers and more sales, then employing “nice” people isn’t the way to do it.

Warm and friendly – yes. Good listeners – yes. Assertive – yes. Persuasive – yes.

Find other jobs in your organization for the nice people to do, but don’t put them in front of customers.


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