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By Alan Fairweather

Would you like to know a lot more about a potential customer or client before you meet or make contact with them? JustLittle question ignore this if you’ve already thought of it, but it’s something I do all the time.

You’re probably going to look at their company’s website to find out all you can about their products or service.

But what about them as individuals?

Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other social media sites. You could even Google them; it’s amazing the various bits of information you can pick up about an individual.

LinkedIn will give you various bits of business information. Such as, how long they’ve been in their present job, where they worked before and perhaps, what other people have said about them. You will also be able to see who they are connected to and that may also be useful.

Facebook could give you a lot more personal information. Such as: are they married, in a relationship, do they have kids, and all sorts of other stuff. Have a look at their photographs, if they’re not private, and that’ll give you lots of other information. Again, you can check out who they are connected to.

I’m not saying you should mention any of this when you speak to your prospect. Telling them you know they have three kids, a husband and two dogs may get you thrown straight out the door!

And always remember; they may just be checking up on you. So if you have any drunken photos taken on last year’s vacation, get rid of them!

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