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How to Motivate Your Employees – Accept Them

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Do you know one thing that is very important to most of your employees?great dane

If you want highly motivated and engaged employees then you need to be aware how important it is to understand them as individuals.

It’s important because it’s important to them.

As Dr Phillip C McGraw says in his book – Life Strategies – ‘The number one need among all people is acceptance.’

Your team want to know that you accept them from a work point of view but they also want you to accept them for just who they are.

Find out as much as you can about your employees; their background, where they’re from, families, pets hobbies, sports and their views on the world.

Find out their philosophies and faiths; how they think and how they feel. Just think about it like any other relationship – what do you want to know about this person?

Now I’m not suggesting you sit around all day gazing into each others eyes or spend half the night on the phone. I’m suggesting you do this over time and slowly but surely, build up your understanding of this person.

I also know that you’re starting to get a bit nervous about this and might think its prying. You’re also thinking that your team members won’t want you to get to know them that well. Let me reassure you – most of them will, if it’s done discretely.

Almost everyone wants to know that someone is genuinely and positively interested in them. They may not always give that impression by their demeanor but trust me – they want to know you care; they want acceptance from you.

If they know you care about them, that you accept them, then your relationship will be much more productive, and your business much more successful.

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