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Don’t be Scared – Let Your Employees Get to Know You

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When I’m running a training course, particularly a two or a five day course, I’m often surprised by the participant’s Office lifeinterest in me. Sometimes I think it’s just polite conversation however, most of the time that doesn’t seem to be the case. They always want to know how old I am for some reason, and of course, I tell a lie!

Many of your employees will want to know about you at both a personal and business level. That doesn’t mean sharing your intimate thoughts, but it’s similar to the things you want to know about them.

Even although your team members don’t ask you about yourself, tell them. Reveal bits and pieces about yourself over a period of time. Good professional speakers know this. They let their audiences know various things about themselves that show their idiosyncrasies or little mistakes they’ve made.

What you’re really saying is, ‘I’m human, I’m like you, I experience the same situations.’

A lady approached me after one of my Presentation Skills seminars. She said, ‘I was really interested when you said you were nervous before giving a speech; that made me feel so much better knowing you’re just like me.’

Your team members want to know that you’re just like them. This is not detrimental to your role as a manager or team leader, in fact, it enhances it.

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