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Great Communicators are Great Kissers

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Have you ever listened to a speech or a presentation and wondered what on earth the person was talking about? Or even read something and again asked yourself what it all means?

It can sometimes have the effect of making you feel extremely stupid, or is that just me? (don’t answer that)

I recently read a comment from an HR manager, on something I’d written about simplifying performance management reviews. This is an extract:

‘I still maintain that performance management, like any other HR process remains a management tool for managers to contract for expected performance deliverables with their employees and to track performance against objectives, correct behaviour and use the tool to determine to give performance feedback to employees.’

This is gobbledygook!

I had to read this several times and I’m still not sure what – ‘to contract for expected performance deliverables’ – means.

If you want to get your message across to other people, then you need to keep it simple. I’m all for the use of good vocabulary, but you need to be sure that the other person understands that vocabulary.

In any communication it’s important to use every day words, small sentences and small paragraphs, if writing. And avoid the use of acronyms, buzz words (is that jargon) and jargon.

It’s not about treating the other person like an idiot, it’s being absolutely sure that they know what you mean.

When I have a problem with software on my computer and need to contact the manufacturer, I always explain that I am an “amateur” and need to have things explained in a simple way. But that doesn’t stop some “techie” sending me a reply that needs a university qualification in software engineering to understand.

If you want to be a great communicator then remember the old maxim – KISS – Keep it simple stupid.Kiss 2

KISS for your customers

KISS for your colleagues

KISS for your employees

KISS for your speech audience


KISS for your kids

Be a great kisser!

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