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How Do You Feel About Feedback?

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Someone once said – ‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions.’ Personally, I think that pancakes, crispy bacon and maplecustomer-feedbac-survey syrup are the breakfast of champions.

However there’s no doubt that giving your team members feedback is absolutely vital to ensure a motivated and engaged team who’ll deliver results

The majority of people want to know how they’re doing at work. They want to know when they’re doing well, and they want to know when they could be doing better. There are a small minority of people who don’t want feedback at all, but let’s face it; you don’t want these people on your team anyway.

Okay, so I’ll accept the fact that many people don’t want to hear bad things about their job performance. However, it depends on how they hear the bad news that’ll effect their motivation at work. I’m sure that you’d want to know whether you were doing your job okay; I know I would.

I’ve been on the receiving end

I used to run seminars on behalf of an American training company. Every so often they would send a senior training manager to sit in on my seminars for a day or two and give me feedback.

Inevitably, from time to time, I might conduct part of the seminar in a manner not quite in line with the way this training company wanted it done. When it came to giving me feedback I was left in no doubt that they wanted it done in a particular way. Of course the training manager also told me what she did like about my way of running the seminar.

At the end of these feedback sessions I can always remember feeling good about myself. I was receiving feedback that confirmed what I was doing well, and also some productive feedback that enabled me to do even better in the future.

Don’t give me the bad news

Like many people, I can be very sensitive to negative feedback. At the end of any seminar or workshop I scan the feedback forms looking for any comment that would dare to suggest that I hadn’t done a good job.

If you are a regular of my blog, (and if not why not) you’ll know that I’m always on about thinking and not reacting. Well I’ve learned to practise what I preach.

It’s easy for me to look at negative feedback on the forms and say – ‘You can’t please all the people all the time’ or ‘Who cares’ or ‘What do they know?’

Think, don’t react

I try to keep an open mind and think about what’s being said on the feedback forms. Is it something I should do something about? If this person didn’t like something that I said, maybe there were others who felt the same way but didn’t make any comment?

All I want to do in my job is be the best that I can be; so it’s important to listen to what my customers have to say.

So what do you feel about feedback?

You can give me some here if you want!


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