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How to Make Managing More Difficult

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I was watching a TV documentary the other night about a new airport construction.Manager

The programme was about getting the airport ready for an inspection before they did a dummy run with some sample passengers.

The inspectors needed to know that all the airport signs were correct, easy to understand and that the passengers would be able to find their way to their flights and all the other facilities.

The man in charge of this was an engineer or some kind of project manager, and he was a bit stressed out! He complained of not being able to sleep because of the upcoming inspection and all the things he had to do.

I was fascinated to watch him going about his business, and his relationship with the people on the job. And I was absolutely sure he wasn’t going to get the job done or pass the inspection.

Why? Because of his management style. It was all command and control. ‘I’m the boss and I tell you what to do.’ He spent his time going round the airport issuing instructions to everyone.

I’m not expecting this manager to sit around with each member of his team and have “discussions” about how the job should be done. Perhaps that should have been done before the job started.

Sometimes there needs to be a degree of “telling”. But you’ll only get away with that if your team know that you trust them, believe in them, and value what they have to say.

I didn’t hear this manager use anyone’s name. I didn’t hear him ask any questions or consult anyone. I didn’t hear him praise anyone.

And the problem with that style of management is that, you only achieve your outcomes with great difficulty, a high level of stress for you, and you may not get the job done.

This job didn’t get done, it failed the inspection, the dummy run for passengers was postponed and that costs money.

Doesn’t sound like a good style of management to me!

Don’t make managing people harder for yourself!

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