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Tips For Managing Your Sales Team During The Winter Months

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Guest Post by Lindsey Patterson

During the winter months, a sales team may grow bored as they will not always have a lot of leads. Now, it is wise to keep the great salespeople on board as they will come back working harder after the weather improves. However, it is wise for a business to go out of its way to work with the sales team and nurture more professional growth. With this in mind, here are five tips for managing a sales team during the slow winter months.

Encourage travel and family time: While not always possible, it is wise to encourage employees to take time off during the winter. Now, it is not wise or financially prudent to force a staff member to take a furlough as they may never return. However, when taking a couple of weeks off to refresh and enjoy a ski trip with the family, a salesperson can return to work feeling refreshed and energetic. One must realize that it is hard to do well in sales if an individual never gets the necessary rest. In fact, if possible, the manager or company owner should hold a retreat where staff members can get together and enjoy some free time away from the office.

20499836_s (1)Check up on current clients: With sales, it is always wise to stay on top of the game. One way to do so is to stay on top of the customer relationship management by contacting current customers. When sending a quick email or making a short phone call, one can check up on the client and get any input. Though the call should not be a sales call, it is possible to close a deal when doing this.



Snooping: When working in a competitive industry, it is wise to take a field trip and snoop on the competition. This is an easy and fun way for current employees to check out other companies and get new ideas. Remember, with a quick shopping trip, one can learn a lot and may find a new way to approach a system or idea.

Inspire creative minds: While the winter is not a great time to make sales, it is not impossible. Since a salesperson will have more free time, it is wise for him or her to work on new methods to find clients. With this, a small business owner can find new techniques to attract and retain clients. Furthermore, a salesperson will have a bigger incentive to try hard and find new clients who will bring in plenty of new orders.

20420214_sWeekly meetings: Often, an employee will have ideas but will fear sharing them with the company or bosses. This is not good as a team member should have no issue in sharing his or her ideas for the future. To get the ball rolling and people talking, the owners should hold a weekly sales meeting. In fact, if possible, it is wise to bring in people from advertising and marketing as it is a way for everyone to get together and brainstorm on ways to improve the process.




With these five tips, a boss can easily manage his or her employees during the slow winter months. One must remember that a salesperson can learn and prosper all the time when he or she has the right tools.

Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in technology, sales, customer relationship management, and the latest social trends specifically involving social media.”


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