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How to Motivate Your Staff

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I’m a big fan of Daniel Pink, so I had to post this articledanielpink-600

However, it never fails to amaze me that we are still talking about staff motivation. Too many managers and organisations are still not getting the message.

I know of one organisation who advertise for call centre staff – daily! Their rate of attrition must be horrendous, and cost them a heck of a lot of money in recruitment and staff training.

There is still a carrot and stick mentality, and box ticking appraisals every so often.

I particularly like what Pink says:

“Ultimately what it gets to is who is the human being on that laptop, on that mobile phone, across from that customer? What is making him or her tick? If we get that wrong, we’re going to have a very impoverished future of work.”


“When you reward behaviour, you do get more of it, sometimes. When you punish behaviour, you do get less of it, sometimes. But not all the time.”

If you want engaged and motivated staff who produce business results, then you really should read articles like this.

And read my first book, of course! (And it’s not about carrot and stick)41tl4u-h9zl-_uy250_

How to be a Motivational Manager

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