Tips and Techniques to Manage Difficult People

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From Attendees at an Ariva Event:

“I liked the methodology of the sessions. Mr. Alan Fairweather made the modules very easy to understand and simple. ARIVA! was organized and prepared.”
– Maria Sirikit Tan
“Mr. Alan Fairweather is a very good trainer. He delivers the topic in an easier way. ARIVA! was very organized.”
– Jennelyn M. Eulloran
“Mr. Alan Fairweather is a good facilitator, has a mastery of the subject and really a good motivator.”
– Floriza Maloles
Mr. Alan Fairweather is inspiring.”
– Regie P. Malanay

Mr. Alan Fairweather is very engaging,
I learned a lot.”
– Catherine Belizario
Hi Sir Alan!

Thanks a lot! I learned a lot from your seminar and I’m sure the things I have learned will help me to become a better manager.   

Peers’ Training & Development Manager

From LinkedIn

“Alan is one of the most professional people I know in the Training industry. He ensures that utmost quality is present in the delivery of his programs and sessions, leaving his audience with practical toolkit to take away. He is highly-recommended for organisations and individuals who want to take their business and careers to further heights. Truly, a no-nonsense Motivation Doctor!

I recommend Alan as a trainer/speaker/partner to work with because of his unwavering punctuality, excellent results, respect for timelines & deadlines, and his amiable personality.” November 29, 2010

Racquel Ann GelvezonCorporate Communications Manager, d’Oz International
was with another company when working with Alan at Alan Fairweather International


“Alan Fairweather truly is the Motivation Doctor! It is not some gimmicky little title that he just felt like placing at the end of his name, it is a true and honest statement!
I have had the pleasure of working with Alan in branding his company. We have done many projects together and each time the work created a joyful change of pace from the sometimes routine design jobs. Alan is a no limits kind of guy who never hinders my creativity. In working with Alan I found myself looking forward to his emails, jokes, newsletters, and any other tidbits that found their way cyberly or through the post across the ocean. I highly recommend Alan to anyone who needs a boost in their company morale and sales! If he can motivate me thousands of miles away I am very confident he can do more for your company in the same conference room.” April 10, 2009

Kimb MansonOwner, Senjula’s Ink


Hi Alan
I thought I’d let you know how much my colleagues are appreciating your book “How to Manage Difficult People”. I have not yet Difficult people (227x346)
passed it to the managers in the office but my colleagues have found it very helpful. Today one colleague commented that it is helping her to understand how her line manager communicates. She said she is more able to interpret conversations with him from a different angle rather than feeling she was being criticized   Your advice about trying not to adopt the other person’s negative mood was also very helpful.
My colleagues were inspired by this book and commented that you came across as very insightful and intelligent.
So thank you for writing such great inspirational texts. 
Best wishes 
Gillian Fordyce,   Marketing & Membership Co-ordinator
British Medical Association Scotland

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